Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of GCIPL's business operation & key area of our global business strategy.

GCIPL has real belief to make a difference, in the following CSR areas : 



The definition of Education in common usage, is merely the delivery of knowledge, skills and information from teachers to students.

GCIPL promotes outstanding students by providing NPR-19000 scholarship in higher secondary schools located in Goglee, Dang, Nepal. The scholarship is divided between the students securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in their respective classes.
For the past 2 years, GCIPL has been providing 24 hours power backup to these higher secondary schools.


Welfare & Community

GCIPL is committed to producing products in an Environmental and Socially Responsible manner.

We believe our success is based on our connection with the community as well as with our Sustainable Development Plan.

Our success is based on our connection with the community as well as our Sustainable Development Plan. The company’s products majorly contribute to the development and renewal of buildings and infrastructure.

Cement based products are found in every aspect of daily life including bridges, highway and sidewalks and the company is committed to working co-operatively with local community groups and government to address Environmental Challenges.

As a part of our community welfare, the Company works to improve communication and create opportunities for open relations between GCIPL and the Residential Communities that surround the company land.
GCIPL has created several job opportunities for local people in Ghorahi, that plays a vital role in uplifting their quality of life style and development..


Health & Safety

  • Health and safety services are indexed and catalogued for circulating our information and guidance. Health & safety as a core business value is committed to create a future free of incident or injuries where;
  • All stakeholders, other activities create a safe environment.
  • Leadership passion and commitment are present at all levels. 
  • Good safety behavior is admired, respected and recognized across the organization; people are enabled to make a safe choice about their own & their neighbor’s safety and to challenge the environment in which they work.
  • We have a well-trained and a fully competent workforce who actively contribute to the safe planning of their work.
  • Our business only welcomes those who support our vision and are willing to change with no compromising on safety.
  • Free medical insurance is provided to all the local laborers working at site and all the injuries are borne by the company.


Sustainability Development

We contribute to the sustainable power development by functioning as a responsible corporate citizen and discharge social responsibilities in the areas of the environment protection, by presenting seminars and training on recycled tree-free, for paperless working.

We strive to utilize the ash produced at its stations to the maximum extent possible. The organization has already started tree plantation and sustenance of natural habitat is its prime focus zone.


Village Development

  • GCIPL aims to maintain flexible strategies linked to the overall business modules by conducting awareness programs, seminars, health camps etc. for the community, to help them maintain a healthy standard of living. Some of it is reflected below:
  • GCIPL is actively involved in the construction of buildings, road construction & provides jobs on site, training to the locals and the students.
  • The organization helps in infrastructure development works and programs on prevailing drainage and sanitary system issues.
  • GCIPL helps in uplifting the standard of living, by providing free education on health and hygiene and on the maintenance of the livestock properly.
  • As a part of the medical camps organized, patients receive free medical assistance from qualified doctors, and facilities like blood donation, eye check-up and free drug distribution as per requirement.


Electricity line

GCIPL has been providing electricity to the village and the surrounding areas for the past 4 years by installing a 33kVA transmission line along the highway.


Water Supply

GCIPL has contributed majorly for providing clean drinking water in the area of Laxmipur; by building two deep bore wells and has constructed numerous overhead water tanks (15000L-2000L capacity) throughout the village.

GCIPL has greatly added to the agricultural sector as well by providing irrigation facilities to the Sonapur Village. To achieve this, GCIPL developed a 7km long drain system on both sides of the road.



There is a 24 Hour Ambulance for the Village folks, that can be used as per their medical requirements.


School Visits

GCIPL encourages Students to visit the plant in order to open their vision and to be positive for industries.

GCIPL also provides on job training to prospective students who are willing to bring a change in the society.


Road Development

GCIPL has developed the road from Laxmipur to Sonapur and has made it more accessible for the village folks, students around the project area to use it for their respective purposes.

Another road from Bhanpur to Bhakare, including the drainage system, has been widened and upgraded.


Religious Festivals

GCIPL promotes cultural and religious activities by regularly organizing programs in the factory premises (e.g. teej, dasai, tihar) for the locals for their entertainment. The company helps them promote their local cultural heritage.