As a part of our Team Research, it has been found out that Nepal lies amongst the eleven most vulnerable Zones of Earthquake, which means, it is at a High Risk of Constructional Damage.

There are 30 bridges altogether in the Kathmandu Valley and 20 of them are in a condition to collapse, if an earthquake of magnitude 7 ever jolts the capital.

Realising this risk, the Nepali government has promulgated the "Building Code Law", that makes it mandatory for citizens in all the 58 municipalities and 20 village development committee in Nepal, to apply all the quake resistant methods, while building their houses.

Therefore, Ghorahi cement has taken an initiative and launched Sagarmatha OPC-53 Cement which can be used for the construction of Heavily Stressed Concrete Structures such as High Rise Buildings, Hydropower Projects, Dams, Commercial Complexes, Bridges and Heavy Machinery Foundations.

Our OPC can also be used for precast items such as blocks, tiles, pipes, asbestos products such as sheets, non-structural works like plastering, flooring etc.

To download the Sagarmatha OPC Cement brochure... click here