We, at GHORAHI CEMENT INDUSTRY PVT.LTD., Ghorahi, Nepal affirm our commitment to maintain the Integrated Management System (consisting of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015& ISO 45001:2018). We shall achieve this by:-

  • Adoption of Integrated Management System to provide various types of Cement conforming to relevant NS standards, for achieving the utmost satisfaction to the Customers.
  • Setting Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & safety objectives and continual improvement in Integrated Management System to enhance the work performance.
  • Protection of the Environment by Prevention of Pollution and reduce environmental aspect & impact associated with our operations.
  • Fulfilling the Compliance Obligations with all applicable National Regulations & Legislations to promote good environmental conditions, conservation of natural resources and maintain health & safety.
  • Elimination of Occupational Health & Safety Risks by participation & consultation of workers/worker’s representative.
  • Imparting training to employees for maintaining the Quality, Productivity, minimize waste generation, Maintain Occupational Health & Safety and promote awareness for maintaining & upgrading the Integrated Management System.
  • Providing the policy to the interested parties on demand.