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    "Impressed with their introduction of new and advanced technology,their measures for Pollution Control,their focus on producers,cement and clinker production as per the market need.Their great emphasis on CSR and employment generation is noteworthy. -Krisna Gyawali, Secretary,Ministry of industry

  • Testimonials

    "Very impressed with GCIPL’s proactive approach to the Environment and at the same time their contribution largely to the local environment. Truly one of the most commendable CSR activities in the country."

    - Kushal Gurung,Windpower Nepal Pvt Ltd

  • Testimonials

    "Very proud to be here.This factory is a very big contributor to the country in every aspect such as Revenue, Employment Generation. Wishing it all the best for a smooth operation."

    - Hari Gopal Adhikari, Nepal Rastrya Bank